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摘要:藏品推荐:第四套人民币小全套,精品推荐《第四套人民币小全套》Boutique recommendation "fourth set of RMB small set"第四版人民币小全套它是在第四版人民币的基础上体现了我国民族的艺术和优良传统和高超的印制水平技术。  第四版人民币小全套四同号是由中华人民共和国第四套人民币版中的后4位同号相同的纸钞组合而成。



Boutique recommendation-"the fourth set of RMB small sets"


Collection name: "fourth set of RMB small set"


Category: coins


The fourth set of RMB is the one with the longest planning and design time. From January 1967 when the head office put forward the idea of designing the fourth set of RMB, to May 1985 when the final decision was made, it took 18 years. During this period, it experienced twists and turns, eliminated all kinds of far left interference, and finally avoided the disaster of the fourth set of RMB in design.


The fourth set of RMB 9 kinds of face value and 14 kinds of Securities: 100 yuan in 80 version, 100 yuan in 90 version, 50 yuan in 80 version, 50 yuan in 90 version, 10 yuan in 80 version, 5 yuan in 80 version, 2 yuan in 80 version, 2 yuan in 90 version, 1 yuan in 80 version, 1 yuan in 90 version, 1 yuan in 96 version, 5 jiao in 80 version, 2 jiao in 80 version, 1 jiao in 80 version.


The fourth set of RMB has created many firsts. First of all, more than one yuan of paper money has increased the number of Braille denominations for the blind to identify. This move shows the party and the state's attention, respect and concern for the disabled. Second, the fourth set of RMB seals are printed on the back of the paper money, making the seal on the printing pattern plate, and the color of the seal follows the main color of the face, breaking it. The traditional idea that it must be printed in red. Thirdly, in the watermark printing, the fourth set of RMB 100, 50 and 10 adopts fixed image watermark for the first time. The perfect image watermark has high definition, strong stereo sense, completely different observation effect under refraction and projection light, and good anti-counterfeiting performance. Finally, the fourth set of RMB positive pattern is the theme of reflecting the great unity of the people of all ethnic groups, with the head portrait of ethnic minorities with a population of more than 1 million as the main scene, reflecting the importance of ethnic minorities in China.

第四套人民币小全套纸币和分币分别有——1990年版的100元,还有1990年版的50元,1980年版的10元5元五角二角,一角,五分,二分,一分,还包括了 1990年版的二元以及1996年版的一元,这些纸币和分币都是一张。

The fourth set of small set of RMB notes and fractional currency are respectively 100 yuan in 1990 version, 50 yuan in 1990 version, 10 yuan and 5 yuan and 52 Jiao, 1 jiao, 5 fen, 2 fen and 1 Fen in 1980 version, including 2 yuan in 1990 version and 1 yuan in 1996 version. These notes and fractional currency are one piece.



From April 1, 1997, some currencies of the fourth set of RMB ceased to be issued. From May 1, 2018, the circulation of 100 yuan, 50 yuan, 10 yuan, 5 yuan, 2 yuan, 1 yuan, 2 jiao notes and 1 jiao coin will be stopped, and the circulation of 5 jiao, 1 yuan coins and 1 jiao, 5 jiao notes will continue.


The issuance time of the fourth set of RMB is not very long from now, and it is also a currency that has just stopped circulating, which is very suitable for all people to invest and collect. Compared with the first, second and third sets of RMB, the price of the fourth set of RMB has not reached the unreachable level. Now is a good time to start.


The fourth edition of the RMB small set is very high, because it contains all the advantages of the fourth set of RMB, the fourth set of RMB issuance significance is more far-reaching and long, it is a milestone in the history of great changes.


From the point of view of pattern, it shows the background characteristics of scenery and places of interest in our country, and vividly describes the printing technology of contemporary China.


Collecting the fourth edition of RMB is not so easy, it is very difficult. Now that it has gradually withdrawn from the scope of market circulation, you have to spend more time and energy collecting extensively if you have to find the connected set.


Because the fourth edition of the RMB small set of collection is more difficult, so it also created its value is very high, although its value is only about four digits. However, it may not be what we can predict at present in the estimation of the potential of collection value in the future.